we are in trouble deep

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If you don't get brave enough to squawk loudly where it counts, we're not getting out of it. Left has gone balls to the wall commie TACTICS, not commie, and right is having a field day meming about about that idiocy and just about ready to start bombing China, or Cuba, or Venezuela... though oddly not Vietnam... and anyone in any government agency who is still sane enough to fight for our constitution will be kicked out for not letting them poke suicide in their arms.

Get it straight. Communism has no business in the first world. It can be the life blood for the huddled masses in the third world, where an obscenely few people have money and the rest can pound sand and die, which is why they are forever trying to flood into the USA. If they can make their lives at home, the best way is a socialist approach, minus the killing part for any who do not try to kill them. When they get stable enough... fed, healthy, educated enough, they can and should back off it, except in the most crucial aspects. THAT stops the caravans and enhances human happiness.

In the first world, we do everything to make small businesses flourish and reserve the big ones for a very rare few that can't really perform for us if they're not huge corporations. Separate criminal and civil courts COMPLETELY, double the number at least, Quit all the pissant rules and uphold the character, the spirit, of our legal system. The courts are overwhelmed and they're shirking big time. Part of me feels so badly for them and the other part wants to smack them in their collective kissers. Everyone upholding the constitution and moving the administrative bullshit either into actual bonafied law or the circular file. No more agency tyrants telling us what to do.

Quit whining! We have 100% righteous grounds on which to fire every goddam one of them, and NOT by means of rigged voting systems. We just get out there and MAKE decency and fairness prevail. This means we stop praising the lord for 90% of our gripe fests and start putting forth ideas and plans and following through on them. QUIT donating money to pay for others to go out and keep telling you the same shit they've been saying for months and filling in with tent revival stuff... OR exortations to go out into the world and bomb it into accepting a global government.

Don't foist this clusterfuck on the entire planet.

And, goddammit, if you have not watched Code 46 yet, DO IT NOW.

Sperm counts are dropping like sixty, especially in the first world. They're killing old people and sterilzing young ones, and, yeah, maybe that's because they don't want everything that is not a huge administrative hub city to be desert, but the masses needed to produce their luxuries will be in the cities and they will be in gorgeous estates beyond reach. Anyone who thinks they can get off grid and farm and hunt to support their families is not thinking clearly. They will be droned to powder.

Take your head out of your ass.

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