a six-hour outage

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And world headlines choking out world news. And 70-million people so desperate for contact with ANYBODY, they signed up for Telegram. As you know, I have been using it for months. ONLY because I wanted to keep track of General Flynn and Sidney Powell, but found it was a better way for me to keep track of the headlines... a little app where I can turn off all the annoying notifications and just open a couple times a day.

Don't interact with anyone. Follow seven accounts, but may cut that to five because two of them almost never post anything not posted on one of the other five. Pretty much keeps all the news and issues I care about covered, WITHOUT hassling the living fuck out of me, and without enduring the moronic blather that attends every goddam thing nowadays.

I'm pretty happy with it.

Of course, if you're a social media junky, like the 70-million who lost their shit yesterday, you can have all the bells and whistles that keep you sucked into your devices through every possibly painful moment of dead air, all day and all night, every day and every night.

With no Zuckerborgs and Dorseys frying our cookies. Win, win, win, and now maybe so many people will have the app that when I link a post from there, it will function fully in all cases.

I mean, only the very short vids will play for you on a direct link if you don't have the app, and so if I really want you to see it, I have to hunt all over the multifarious video services for it, only succeeding maybe 70% of the time.

So. I'm going to like this turn of events, even though it's stupid stupid stupid.

pipe up any time....