you can't pin it on "global warming"

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California has draughts. Dreadful ones. We had one way back that lasted a couple hundred years. Some say that's what did in the redwood forest that covered up the entire Central Valley, why we only have them on the north coast and the southern mountains, where they could get water out of the air.

Same scene as what made the Atacama and the Namib: Ridiculously Resillient Ridges.

Now we have crazies, both lighting the fires and writing about them.

And you have to be crazy to light them, no matter how angry you are with the world, because the beauty that you are incinerating is so intense it threatens to burst your heart when you look at it. The people who live in it never spend a whole day in it without appreciating it.

Hanging on the porch, or out for a smoke break, or climbing one of its telephone poles, or just damn getting your ass to the store for some groceries: you don't spend 24 hours without interrupting your flow to just flat out love on whatever you see around you. You can't help it.

I really think we have waaaaay too many crazies in California and sometimes I object strongly to the loss of real Californians to the crazies running things and burning them down. The pyromaniacs are not just these free range nutters. They run state agencies. They run the state.

If we're hauling off for another couple-hundred-year-drought maybe that will get rid of most of them. Then real Californians can return to help us drive off the remainder.

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