the man with one bicep told the truth

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Which surprises me because he's been a spitting viper all along, and he WAS, as he said himself, out to kill Kyle. Maybe someone too decent to refute gave that fucker a serious talking to. Maybe he goddam got religion. Whatever it was, I'm grateful to the cosmos for it.

I mean, truly, he's SO lucky that Kyle settled for shooting off his bicep, instead of taking another shot to be certain he was neutralized, because by that time there had already been two vicious fucks after him for at least grievous bodily harm and a mob yelling to kill him. YET, Kyle did not shoot once this creep's arm was blown to bits and his gun was on the ground.

I watched every one of the videos that came out immediately and marveled at the way that kid kept his cool in such extremis, thinking he should be a cop or in special operations or some position of great responsibility because at seventeen he displayed AMAZING calm and judgment under extreme pressure.

If you'd had that gun and a mob was chasing you, would you, or would you not have turned and sprayed bullets into 'em willy nilly until they stopped?

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