the fascination with ceremony

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The human reverence for sanctified motions has bothered me for my whole life. It's too easily faked, or just plain too easily fake, no matter how sincere the particpants, but in this instance I think it is righteous to maintain it to the most rigid degree for as long as we last.

Because those ARE the heroes, our most honorable dead, the most honorable dead you can think of, imagine, remember, love with all your heart.

It's so painful to me to see how many out there are completely disrespecting that ultimate sacrifice from so many of our brothers and sisters and forebears ranging back more than two hundred years. The ingratitude they died to protect, and the way open for each of us to use our lives to uphold the value of that love, evidenced by headstones and tombs and monuments and a wall with 58,000 names etched into it, all of them there before their time, on purpose, upholding those truths we all hold to be self-evident, and too many very powerful psychopaths live to destroy.

So this is not at all like the fake piety in churches and temples and mosques, the silly, self-congratulatory rites we just never seem to be able to resist. Nope. It's really the only way beside LIVING like our sacred fallen we have to keep an eternal flame, to never give up, to fight not political battles, but spiritual ones.

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