another odd thing

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Ever since I mentioned what a plodder Dr. Malone is, he's started talking like a normal person. For many months he was talking so slowly and carefully you wanted to speed up the playback on the video before you lost your cookies, but he's talking like a normal person these days. That's SUCH a relief because the man is very seriously worth every minute you spend listening to him... AND he's further evidence that Dr. McCullough is 100% best qualified and HONEST.

So even if you don't need any more convincing, you should probably listen because it is good for your spirit to see and hear good people telling the truth despite the insane pressures to go hide in a corner.

Even if you're wuss who could never muster the courage to do that, your spirit will be soothed by seeing it in action, and we need you to lend that spirit to the atmosphere on Planet Earth right now. No. Really. Even if you are paralyzed by fear, you can let your spirit lend strength to the heroes.

pipe up any time....