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These gene "therapies" they are calling "vaccines" are inserting human-engineered spike proteins into your body. What they did was change ONE function of an otherwise bio-identical spike to change its ability to invade your lung cells... or that was the hope, but if it had managed to get your immune system to replicate those, it did not work very well, AND it's a goddam SPIKE PROTEIN.

Spike proteins are toxic to humans. They cross the blood brain barrier with the greatest of ease and they fuck up your gonads and they wreck havoc on your nervous system and they cause multifarious heart problems and those fucking mini clots to stick all over your insides.

This is all known, was known before they started producing the not-vaccines, and all of those fuckers should be lined up and shot. Great that many seem to be doing okay, so far, but that could be because their genes are busy devising a way to reproduce these human engineered spike proteins far off into the future. We have no way of knowing. You could be working on the most spectacular case of Alzheimer's ever discovered, even as we speak, or as I lecture you, or a prion disease we will have to call Mad Scientist Disease.

Or a stroke when enough of those bitty clots collect.

All kinds of REALLY nasty shit could still be in store for you. OR you got a placebo, OR your immune system ate up every bit of that human-engineered spike protein and spit it out. WE CAN'T TELL. Bottom line: I hope to God your immune system is smarter than you are.

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