famous people should stop making spectacles out of themselves

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Let us remember them fondly. For instance, I don't think I'm ever going to bother watching a De Niro movie again, no matter how much I loved it when it first came out because he just can't seem to restrain himself from acting like a bigger baby than Trump ever could manage.

Now we've got Neil Young all full of himself over someone trying to pop his bubble. People want him to go back to Canada and stay there. I'm thinking he and Twinkle Toes Treudeau would get along swell. He's been an unfaithful flake his entire life and his music never overpowered that. I think the only reason he's in any position to imagine this stunt could work is because he was friends with Stephen Stills. Sorry, Neil, not even that can get you past this one.

Just ludicrous.

And it's too bad he owns the song it would take to make Pat's idea break the internet.

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