i just now realized i've never told you about the mynah bird i met

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I listen to Tico and Frank almost every day, and I know I told you all about my little parrot boyfriend Mei Mei when I was holed up on Lake Atitlan for a month, but I never told you about the mynah bird I met when I was eighteen.

I had just suffered one of the worst heartbreaks of my entire life, and my so newly ex-boyfriend's buddy had driven me away from it and over to his friend's house in Fairfax. This friend had a pet mynah bird I was supposed to meet. He didn't have a cage. He had his own room. The deal was that if he said hello to you, he would talk to you.

The guys brought me in, the bird said hello, and so the guys left me in there with him to have a chat. We had a chat. That bird did not just mimic sounds. That bird could talk, and think. He was quite sage. We held a perfectly mystical conversation for about ten minutes. It might've been an hour and only seemed so short, but the interchange was precisely as though I were speaking with another human, only he was a mynah bird. Big as heck. Not a trick. The bird was talking with me.

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