russia is NOT going to invade ukraine

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You are getting nonstop propaganda from the globalist psychopaths. Yes, they have troops stationed at strategic places along the border, but that is because of all the belligerence and they want to be ready for trouble. Seriously. They have NO wish for conflict. They only wish for national security. We KNOW this. They've said it a thousand times, and they have stuck to their guns, so to speak, for decades now.

Putin is NOT a lier, nor Lavrov. They do not lie. They may say things that don't explicate everything, or leave stuff we'd like to know unsaid, but they DO NOT lie. I have checked a million times. I admire both of them for this. It's a lesson to anyone willing to take it that you can conduct government WITHOUT being lying sacks of shit.

And, yeah, that is doubtless THE thing that irks the psychopaths the most about them.

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