total agreement with dr mccullough

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And easier for laymen to understand.

Omicron looks to be the END of this shit. Virtually indistinguishable from the common cold. Way less severe than the already mostly not that severe other variants. Radically less likely to progress to cytokine storm and pneumonia. AND confers a high level of immunity to the Delta variant. So you might even feel glad if you get it, which they're saying is extremely likely because it's way more transmissible than the others.

Had to go see my GP at 9:30 this morning, which means I had to get Billy to call and wake me up to get my sleep circus on the road in time... only to wait a stupid long time once I got there, but I think everything's straight now, prescription-wise.

The big catastrophe seems to have awakened my sleeping thyroid gland and I will be taking a lower dose of hormone until it might go back to sleep. Get back on the blood thinner. Only need to stop it a few days before the last surgery. MAYBE going to be getting shots in my spine for the severe pain of smished lumbar discs. She insists they're NOT painful and they can do them here. I'm not going to take her word for it, but I definitely will investigate because I don't want to be a dope addict unless there's NO alternative.

They're all STILL wearing the masks and making their patients wear them, too. Only letting the little kids off the hook, but at least older than two and maybe up to five are getting the break. I think I even hope the cute little boys in there a few days ago gave me Omicron.

I know I did not get enough sleep last night, but my new electric blanket arrived today and I worried that thing directly onto my bed and had myself a very long nap. The sneezes have probably been from mold, but maybe....

Maybe the END of this stupendous horse shit is nigh.

Yes, yes, it will be something else... as incoherent... but MAYBE we can have a mass mask burning bonfire and remember that we like each other.

pipe up any time....