a very positive bit of news

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I didn't know if I should be insulted or grateful they prescribed Narcan along with my Norco 10s upon my discharge from the hospital. I decided to take it as the doctor just being prudent, just in case the old broad got befuddled from her pills and accidentally OD'd.

You may not have noticed, but one must be careful to sound as upright and lucid and right-thinking — downright square — as possible around doctors or they will goddam abdicate any responsibility for harm mitigation in favor of keeping their licenses lately. It's DEFINITELY the wrong end of the opiate abuse track to be attacking.


People in desperate pain WILL turn to street drugs most of the time. So this is a radically more lucid and lifesaving approach to the problem. Maybe now hundreds of thousands or even millions of people with serious pain issues will get the relief their doctors have been withholding all this time.

The danger from street fentanyl appears to be real, and I know from personal experience that medical fentanyl does very little for my pain, but makes me hallucinate like gangbusters. Oof. Awful. I can't fathom why Prince or Tom Petty would have been so desperate for the shit, but if they'd had Narcan right there with their prescriptions, they'd probably both still be alive.

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