don't get confused

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There has been NO indication Russia intends to invade Ukraine. Their troops are stationed according to saber rattling from Ukraine extremists threatening Ukrainian Russians, AND threatening acts from the US and NATO. They are on Russian soil, and NO ONE in the Russian administration has even hinted at any such a move... EVER. Their self-defensive acts are continually being characterized as offensive moves.

They don't want Russian-speaking Ukrainians slaughtered by the Western Ukrainians and Soros-style black ops "revolutionaries", and they don't want our military and missiles stationed so close to Russia in Eastern Europe. Neither of those two reasons to have their military so close to their border are unreasonable in the least.

All this fuckin' hype is about working up some righteous-sounding reason to attack RUSSIA... and BoJo needs the distraction too badly to miss that his bloviating about Russian aggression is not only Theresa May B, but also just flat out dog wagging.

And it's also pushing them closer to China, who actually may be our enemies... or, maybe not so much the people of China as their government. So don't be a sucker, and thank goodness for Zelensky.

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