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I think this is worth considering. I readily admit that I swore off ever getting another vaccination something like twenty years ago, after getting a tetanus booster that turned my entire upper arm black and blue for a couple weeks and was SO painful it woke me up every night when I'd roll onto it in my sleep, and then getting a flu shot snuck in on me by my doctor, which immediately gave me a two or three week case of the flu.

I've had a tetanus booster every ten years for my whole life. They'd never done that to me before. I'd always preferred to just chance the flu to getting vaccinated against it, but ended up with one accidentally when I thought the shot was related to the problem that instantiated my visit to the doctor, and didn't learn otherwise until the nurse had already shot it into me. But I did not fly off the handle. I just thought maybe age was doing this to me, but did some research, and ended up thinking that it might very well be all the new adjuvants they were putting into vaccines, not my age... or maybe a combo of age and adjuvants.

That's IT sed me. Something's amiss here. My body has always been persnickity about meds of any sort. Lots of them don't work on me at all. Lots make me sick and give me weird reactions. And only some go in just fine and cause no problems. Very often my body goes off in the complete opposite direction from what is expected. PLUS there's the part about my lifelong sensitivity to toxins that don't bother most people. And so this does constitute my baseline for, with no political influence whatsoever, immediately taking the NO WAY JOSE stance on these not-vaccines.

I'd already smelled a rat with the whole swine flu fiasco that was SO over-hyped, and watched the opposition online getting shut down mysteriously, so I was immediately suspicious when this mega-hype began. My bullshit meter was going off with every new bit about what some of my friends refer to fondly as The Coof. Still, I read all the medical papers... past tense mostly, because I have already more than abundantly confirmed that my instincts on this have been correct.

A brand new form of "vaccine" that has not been tested? Right there resides a resounding NO. The manufacture of modified spike protein mRNA to just inject people without years, maybe decades of trails, when we already knew spike proteins, with or without modifications. are extremely hazardous to humans? Are you nuts?

You might agree that THIS is high comedy, but it is high comedy because it's the truth, very amusingly unvarnished. Kids need mud pies to develop strong immune systems, but it's not just kids. Grownups too. My maniacal high school biology teacher used to thump his desk to stress that daily bathing was really nothing more than profligate bacteria proliferation, that while it might make us feel more socially acceptable, it also multiplies by orders of magnitude any terrible bacteria that have touched down on our bodies and could even be seen as the root cause of bacterial infections our skin commensals would otherwise have vanquished before they could take hold.

Hey, gym bores! Like maybe staph?

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