i was supposed to be in and out of the hospital by now

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But one centimeter of my wound closure from the original abdominal catastrophe had not healed completely and they won't do the last surgery until that is healed. I won't go into the details of the idiocy and psychedelia from the surgeon who did this to me to begin with, but any ideas I'd had that he could finish this have evaporated.

So now I have to wait nearly three weeks to be assessed by the other local general surgeon, and he will either do the surgery or have me sent to a larger hospital with more specialists, depending on what he deems most appropriate.

I'm miserable about the delay, but also feel much relief of stress over the prospects of that last surgery messing me up for good or even killing me. So, if you've been wondering, that's the short and short of it. The maniac who got me into this mess is not stable. I was feeling forgiving since he DID move heaven an earth not to have killed me, but in the intervening months, I have begun to realize why nearly everyone at the hospital hates him.

Last time I saw him he was pretending he couldn't remember me.

No shit.

pipe up any time....