my credit card is smoking

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I bought a bed today. Well, a mattress and a base that doubles as a box spring. I went local, because getting any local muscle power is nigh impossible and unreliable as heck, and the local mattress guy will deliver it AND set it up for me AND with no disclaimers about shipping times, when I so totally can't be dicking around with that noise.

He's coming on Saturday. Day after tomorrow, and I saved hundreds of dollars from what I was going to have to buy if I did it on the internet, with a better quality mattress, and real human muscles included in the deal. If it's still too short for my beat up and battered old body, I can put blocks under the legs and do just fine.

I also needed an oil change, which I got with a free car wash.

Then I proceeded to the grocery store and purchased FOOD.

NEXT stop: shower and changing my dressing, etc. Oh, joy.

Final surgery is being delayed because there is a tiny section of my ludicrous wound situation that has not closed up all the way... and I have to keep applying a bunch of weird stuff to it and covering it up with a really serious hospital-grade bandaid.

Fine. Fine. I'm NOT going to freak out.

I'm a goddam Zen mistress.

pipe up any time....