oh, no

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I don't want to have to vote for him again. They aren't going to give me a choice, are they? Tonight marks the start of more than two more years of constant obnoxious nitwittery from the "left"... the "left" that is now hard, hard right. I wish this blog made noise. You could hear me caterwauling right now.

No. Ted Cruz is NOT an alternative, and I don't think Ron DeSantis either. Maybe as VP, but he's starting to seem nearly as finger in the wind as the best of the wet fingers out there. No juice.

I couldn't listen to Donald's whole speech. I tried, but opted to hear out the commies instead. They at least laid out the geopolitical facts such that a reasonably intelligent person could follow them, but, of course, pretty well took all the authority out of it by their dreamy creamy bullshit peace and love for the workers pap.

Will nobody dare mention simply bringing capitalism back into some semblance of decency? There used to be regulations on those fucks on Wall Street, and their ilk. Nosbarracktu nixed the last of them. It's been open season for those maniacs for too long, and we could simply force sense upon them.

"Simply"... heh... listen to me caterwauling.

I'm starting to think I'll be dead before I get my country back.

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