i have not been able to face the propaganda mills

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For the past few days. It's all been too ludicrous for me to bear another minute. I can't even solely blame the globalist psychopaths anymore, because WE have failed to do anything to impede them since the 2016 election. What I mean is: at a certain point, we can't keep saying "them" and "they" anymore. We really do have to go back to saying "we" and "our".

If you insist on sounding innocent/impotent, at least call them bastards we have failed to stop.

Just as I want Ukraine to denazify and demilitarize and give up this BULLSHIT game about joining the EU and NATO our government has convinced their corrupt politicians to take up, I WANT YOU TO UNDERSTAND THAT THIS WHOLE THING IS MORE ABOUT OUR CORRPUTION THAN UKRAINE'S OR RUSSIA'S.

The Ukraine was teeming with Nazis in WWII, a good third of them joining the SS while Russians were dying in the effort to liberate them from the Nazi horror. Further, the numbers of people, mostly now called "nationalists", in Ukraine are indeed one stripe or other of neo-Nazi, and they have castrated Zelensky, have been killing ethnic Russians and other undesirables, and ARE stumping for admission to NATO to hold back Putin from spoiling their plans to mow down Zelensky and take over the country.


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