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Whoever you are.
KYIV, Ukraine — Before he decided to buy a one-way plane ticket to Ukraine, Adam worked two jobs, as a security guard and as a cashier at a dollar store. He owned guns and fired them at shooting ranges, but the only fighting he had ever done was in mixed martial arts classes.

That didn’t stop the tall, lanky 24-year-old from Thousand Oaks, a Los Angeles suburb, from flying to this war-torn capital earlier this month. He joined a new international legion set up to fight Russian forces about 15 miles outside the city.

Adam, sporting camouflage pants, is unfazed by his inexperience in combat. He will rely, he said, on sheer determination — to save Ukraine and protect American values.


Adam just wants to get on the battlefield as soon as possible. His first choice, he said, is to be a medic because he took a first aid class in the United States, he said. His second choice?

“A sniper,” he said.

He has no experience at either job.
As my teacher would say, THERE IS NO PILL FOR THIS.

You have to do the work.

You can't just be anything you imagine, even if you imagined correctly about the parameters in which you'd be being, as Adam clearly hasn't. Imagine how much dumbing went into creating Adam.

I could just scream. But I might not be able to stop once I started.

It's always been tv, but next it was video games and the clusterfuck of information sources on the uncomplicating system of pipes. The only life experience these kids have is fantasy and real life dumbing, unironically called "school".

Fucking hell. It's too cold to sit on my mudroom steps and drop into the real cosmos.

pipe up any time....