it was depressing to listen to him

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Even with a couple laugh-out-louds thrown in. It kind of made me queasy, even though I think he outlined exactly how all that SCO insight and planning for more than a decade is bearing fruit, and will continue to do so over the next lort only knows how many years.

I didn't like how giddy he was about it, but can't blame him or anybody for cheering on the heavy karma of the West. Trying not to become too fearful of the gas prices and food prices to come, changing the subject in my head to how this will force us to rebuild our manufacturing base if it gets as bad as he says.

But, just because I believe he's onto it, I also don't know that it will end up as badly as he says for us. Maybe if we just keep sitting here gaping in disbelief and/or horror it will.

pipe up any time....