tuesday "ukraine"

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Or WWIII or the Fall of America. Whatever. Again, I'll add links as I wade through.

The Azov fascists will shoot me....

I was not going to post this because I don't want to go into it, but bearing in mind that he caveated it fifty times with these are just rumor, the last bit that he brings up has been a glaring probability from the start.

People are whining, "But Zelensky's a Jew," whenever one brings up what a fucking vicious puppet he is. When people call him a puppet like that, it isn't really even about him being puppeteerred by globalist psychopaths. He's also on the Nazis' string.

They are run by globalist psychopaths, too, but they use fear to make him dance. They've scared the shit out of him and his only choice has been to do what they want or get torn to shreds. I don't know if he's safe from them even yet, but none of this would be happening unless this were the truth.

He's a Jew, a convenient Jew, but they will not be able to stop themselves from killing him if they have the chance. That's where your argument against Ukrainian Nazis stands.

So. It's rumor only, and the much louder rumors for a couple weeks have been that Zelensky isn't even in The Ukraine anymore. So settle down.

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