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That Scott Ritter has information that Gonzalo Lira was abducted, tortured, and killed. However, the response to the request for us to pressure the embassies has been excellent and they all know who we're talking about and are assuring everyone that they are working hard on it.

I still say that his not having shown himself at his usual post since Monday last is significant. He was apparently active on the internet clear up until Friday last, but none of it in images from his home. When you add in that he'd made a huge deal out of streaming live from his home every morning juat a couple weeks ago, with no apology or allusion to this glaring strangeness, it seems more to me that he's disappeared himself for safety reasons.

He was, straight up badmouthing the Zelensky regime from his home in Kharkhov, despite how unsafe that might be, so he was not buckling to tyranny, even if he was seeming a bit reckless. Whatever has happened, it's awful for us and for him.

Alive or dead, he's done more for us than almost anyone just by refusing to bow to tyranny.

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