today in the ravages of lying liars

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Even if you just listen to the first clip shown in the first video you will immediately understand the extent of the lying going on in our government and media. I don't know if you immediately think of all their support staff who just keep supporting them despite the monstrosities they are spewing in front of God and everybody, but maybe you should.

I am in extremely tender condition right now. I don't need to add barfing to my litany of abdominal woes, but lies of this stature tend to do that to me, so I can't listen again, and while I was off attending to my sundry bandages and bodily imperatives, YouBube bumped me over to some dreck about the restoration of Notre Dam.

I could not help yelling about the incongruity of our great masses of ruminants working so diligently on shit like this and other great wonders of art and history — sooo much brain power and care taken — while we let vermin like this lie their fucking heads off to the world at the cost of SO many lives and SO much immiseration.

I have a friend who likes to just blurt out "kill them all" whenever it gets this thick. I get it.

pipe up any time....