today in russian progress reports

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Gonzolo Lira lives in central Kharkov and nobody's heard from him since Friday. Everyone is worried, and speculating, but I can see how he would be forced to go dark to get out of the way of the shelling, which he would do no matter what, because those Nazi factions of the Ukraine military shoot civilians trying to take advantage of humanitarian corridors and do track them via their cell phones and internet activity.

This is easier for me to believe than he was injured or killed. Everyone's worried, and imagining the worst, so I think we ought to just keep our good thoughts for him, remember that his neighbors love him, and he won't have done anything silly enough to get himself killed... and better the Nazis think someone already killed him anyway.

Now, here are some words from John Mearsheimer, the much-respected geopolitical analyst. I love him, but I also hate listening to him since he is SO polished in his manner of speaking so as not to offend those who disagree with him and too respectful of their bullshit for my blood.

The halls of acadme, you know. Stultifying. Unsatisfying. Needs Viagra.

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