i forgot to brag

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That on Sunday I managed to clip my toenails. I've only got the one hole in my gut not healed up all the way, and the shingles are gone, so there's no more pain. The wound goddess says I can take showers now because she's using the great big medical bandaids on my wound that don't succumb to shower water, but I'm still paranoid about it.

I sit on the side of my not-a-tub and soak my feet and scrub all around myself — except the left lower abdominal quadrant — with a wet washcloth. Obviously not optimal, but better than just a spit bath. Still. THE test of recovery is clipping my toenails.

That requires bending in the middle for a sustained amount of time.

I did it.

It did not hurt.

I'm almost healed.

pipe up any time....