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I thank God for my hearing. Even though my cataract surgeries made it so I can drive now without correction or the full psychedelia at night, I have NOT gotten the right glasses even for computer work, let alone for reading. Maybe I've read so many more books than human eyeballs were made to endure or I just have to find the right prescription for reading glasses, but my ears are not letting me down.

Even some of my very favorite podcasts are flagging in quality frequently, or have gone off behind pay walls, and I gotta have voices, especially men's voices, going on in here most of the time or the noises and vibes from humans in my proximity drive me up a wall. I was too used to silence and frog chorus.

Actually, I was born used to those, and not humans. Much as I love you, I gotta get away.

And I cherish how much I learn from ordinary people speaking.

pipe up any time....