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They've called it Russiagate, and Killery started it, but I call it "Obamagate" because that is where the president of the United States and a huge chunk of his administration broke their solemn oaths to the Constitution and the people of our country in such a treasonous manner that they should have been arrested, tried and lined up and shot.

Oh, you still miss how presidential he seemed? The dignity with which he carried out his treason and carnage? SO wedded to the fulfillment of Martin's Dream that you can't see that, after all, it was no such thing in any more meaninful way than skin tone?

The man is a fiend, bent on a planetary presidency, and I may have in the past presumed that blacks or half blacks or indians or any other race as an American president would be more virtuous than the long line of entirely not-good-enough white guys, but that notion was wiped from my mindscape by March of 2009. I suggest you make a point of wiping that ninny notion from your mindscape wherever you might catch it cropping up.

You need to think harder about racism. Anyone who ever accused me of, or asked me about, racism against Nosbarracktu, was met with my answer before they could complete their thought. "His skin color is his number one best attribute," I'd snap, and when anyone would call him "black", or half black, I'd correct them with, "He's half white!"

There is a 99.99999% chance neither he nor Mrs. Clinton will ever be called to account for their filthy and treasonous acts, but that doesn't erase them. It only leaves us further weakened against the forces of entropy and evil.

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