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This is a very interesting theory, and very repetitive and full of lame jocularity, but the thesis under discussion has a lot of merit due to the known qualities of Bucky Balls. Seems our annual meteor showers are remnants of comets that exploded long ago somewhere along our orbit of the sun, and they've proven that comets aren't pure ice.

I'm thinking they're sort of like cosmic pimples... where the bits of free floating molecules in the ether clog up and freeze over and fly around until they hit something. It's not completely clear the Bucky Balls would be able to make the delivery to the surface, but maybe if they're mixed into the rock and metal chunks burning up in the atmosphere, they could make it to the surface or far enough through the atmosphere to be caught in an inversion layer.

And that really would explain these conflagrations with simultaneous ignition points.

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