continue to be afraid

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Even though there are more and more studies damning the coof crisis and mandates, it seems still to be an uphill battle. Some note that German pharma is just as China-addled as ours, and I'm looking back on Richard Milhous Nixon's ONE diplomatic coup with even more disdain than ever.

First, yesterday, I followed a link to land on this prime Tony-type material where a guy I don't necessarily trust that much shows us not-blood-clots he claims were brought to him for analysis by an undertaker who shoved them out of corpses with embalming fluid. He gives links to videos that show more graphic detail, and if he's telling the truth, you REALLY never want to have succumbed to the social pressure to get vaxxed.

Now, today, up from my evening nap, I come across this one random sample of excess mortality in New Brunswick that adds some stats to my wild claims about the uptick in unexpected deaths since the gene therapy shots and then boosters began, especially the boosters.

Last night I counted up the people close to me who did as they were told by the media. Ten people for sure, and another five highly probable but I'm too scared to ask. I am glad Naomi's still young enough and healthy enough to fight.

I made it to the Wound Goddess today, and I'm down to half a centimeter left to close up. I went to the hippie store and got a monster roast beef sammich and more kefir, came home, stayed upright long enough to eat my sammy, and went down like a stone for three hours.

So... I'm never forgiving President Trump for fast-tracking those gene therapy shots... never.

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