i don't like saying this

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But we're not hearing Word One from any of these organizations about what our money is being spent on, and I haven't heard a different line from General Flynn since Trump pardoned him. It's the same drill, every fucking time.

Never a word on any progress at all, or any word on what our money is paying for, except that we can assume payroll for the organization, and not EVEN what those employees actually DO.

Michael Flynn was the only one who promised concrete steps to drain the swamp, but got booted out of the Trump administration within days, for NO reason, and then falsely prosecuted for YEARS on end for having had the temerity to both tell the truth and to promise us a remedy.


But he let himself off the hook for not keeping his promise stupidly easily... probably because The Donald was a wreck. The uproar over Flynn and Bannon being waaaay over the top, the two most dangerous-to-psychopaths men on his team were spit out ridiculously quickly.

Now this is getting old as fuck, too. NOTHING is happening.

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