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My gut is less than a centimeter from closed up, and the pain is gone, leaving only the occasional weird itching of healing and the odd feeling of soreness from my left tit drooping onto what's left of my wound.

The decades-old problem with episodes of feeling like I'm standing on a floating dock that would come every three to five years and persist for sometimes as long as a month, seems to have morphed into much more frequent, but also lots shorter, episodes of feeling like I am the casing for a woman who is dealing with weird gravitational pulls and pushes on another planet.

But the worst coffee disaster I have experienced in many moons is: pouring the hot water into an empty filter. Easily remedied and not too senile... while I'm trying to shake off this human Ben Wa Ball feeling.

So today, after fixing this little problem, I got up the gumption to listen to Matthew holding forth from a place he does not belong on the recent slaughter in his home town. It did not completely suck... and maybe he delivered it from the only place it had a chance. Still, silly as fuck to spend his breath on those psychopathic robots.

None of us want drag shows in our elementary schools, but very, very many of us want responsible gun handling and ownership in our elementary schools. We are not going to rid ourselves of the first, OR the flipped out zombies who do these mass shootings, until we start implementing the second... whether that means we homeschool or we hire professionals to do it the same way we do ice skating or horseback riding lessons now.

We used to do that, you know. And, why? IT'S ONLY SENSIBLE. That's why.

WE have to start making SENSIBLE stuff reality.

JUST like a loopy old lady has to consciously enforce the sensible act of spooning coffee into the coffee filter to end up with a cup of coffee, so all adults need to consciously approach all acts for which the outcome is OUR responsibility.

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