today in the will to prevail

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I have told you many times that psychopaths always win because no matter how righteous the cause against them, they have the WILL to exhaust you until you capitulate, let them lock you in hell. Your head explodes and there you are.

If there is a man on earth with the will to stop them, it is President Putin... and all those countries lining up behind him are the ones who see the fair world order as their way out of hell.

They know they don't even have to sound lucid or BE lucid. Just keep doubling down no matter what and the opposition — Russia, China, India, Brazil, you, me, any and every one — and victory will be theirs.

The Duran has a bunch of videos today, but I'm getting ready for what may be my LAST visit to the Wound Goddess. The big hole in my gut MAY be closed all the way today, and I'm going to be fresh and avid for this. So I'll have to get to those later.

pipe up any time....