i'm really glad he's not in government anymore

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I have been sitting on this for a few days because it's so offensive my eyeprints keep wanting to be out on the beach at the northernmost end of Haida Gwaii, gazing into infinity and warmly addressing a guardian raven, or catching a glipse of a passing pod of orca.

Trump picked so very many total duds and outright traitorous people for his administration that I can't really see how that can have been construed by him as draining the swamp. He was, mostly, employing the swamp. Even though he is, right now, without question, the actual president, and would never do the kind of damage now being done by the fakes, still, I don't want to have to vote for him again.

I can't even believe the number of people out there who could REALLY do what it would take to set things right — state legislatures, secretaries of state, electors, even county registrars of voters — are not fervently doing it right now. If they'd had to pause and deal with all their conflicting impulses at first, surely, by now, they can no longer be that conflicted. But, no. They sit on their hands.

They ALL know. EVERYONE knows.

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