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I do not have the money to join Locals and let them know about the SCO declaration, from something like fifteen years ago, that told us it would take us, the West, approximately twelve years to come to this pass, and they should resist all provocations until this time.

Russia didn't do it.

China didn't do it.

WE did it to ourselves.

THEY just had the intelligence and the WILL to keep their powder dry.

We've all known for at least a century that printing money does this. We also ALL know that the money does not just fall off into the void. It goes somewhere, and I'm not talking about literally off world. Just off the radar of us lesser mortals.

Try not to forget that the globalist psychopaths have NO creativity. They can ONLY do what they do, and they are only doing what they do, and very unfortunately too few of us have been willing to do what it takes to STOP them doing what they do. How hungry will you need to become before you make the right "people" back the fuck down?

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