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Put it down to that.

I know I've linked you to this a few times in the past, but I wonder if you took the ten hours out for it. It's a masterpiece, two masterpieces stitched together. The first, just fabulous, and the second even better than merely fabulous. You need to have seen the first in order to completely understand the second, and yes, you might need twenty or thirty hours with them.

It is television. From 1979 and 1982. Television from back when viewers were still allowed to be intelligent, and before we were able to see them sewn together, commercial-free and completely uninterrupted, except for when you pause it to use the toilet, or have a nap, or eat something.

I've spent hundreds of hours on it, and it still does not bore me. Truly. I can listen to it from bed and see the scenes in my head, and speak their lines in unison with them if I'm in the mood.

Beside being addicted to Alec Guinness, to the point where I will watch even his silliest movies, I am vastly restored by the living proof that in my lifetime people were still allowed to be, maybe even expected to be, sentient beings on their side of the screen. You need to experience it too.

Don't you?

Yes, why yes, you do.

I know it so well that I'm pretty sure I've sussed the few flubs, and by "flubs" I mean seriously little quibbles.

If you positively won't stop everything and watch it, just remember that it can erase fits of nausea from taking a peek into lhe latest news.

pipe up any time....