so, i decided to hunt down sergey baklykov

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I had gotten sick of him, years ago. Still loved him, but was sick of all the trials and tribulations of a vlogger who could never seem to find his groove. Ups and downs with friends on whom he was depending to man the camera, and staying locked in a little well-worn groove from a young man's lack of funds.

It was too much of a drag from all my happy viewing, watching him teach himself English by speaking it on his vlog. Going to his buddy's wedding with him. Finding out about how cheap it was to get from point A to point B there. Visiting him in the hospital when he had his gallbladder out. Seeing the inside of his brand new finish-it-yourself condo in Ufa.

I've been wanting to check back in with him — he's 38 now — but his channel seemed to be only his wife streaming walks or drives... to the point where I wondered if he'd finally gotten his trip to the U.S. and never come back... left Baklykova to stream ambient sounds and carry on conversations in Russian without him.

No. That channel had gotten two strikes for talking about election fraud here, so he left it to his wife to mutely carry on while he went about conducting a whole new channel himself. Things have certainly changed over the last eight years.

They've moved to St. Petersburg from Ufa, his hometown in The Republic of Bashkortostan of Russia, and I've spent some hours watching him walking through the hotspots and nodes of interest in both cities... bragging his head off about living in the real land of freedom and how happy and friendly and prosperous they are.

It's pretty clear he's not lying. I don't know if you want to spend all the hours to check, but, seriously, he's not lying.

pipe up any time....