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To the part that freaked me out the most. If you want the whole thing, you can just move the slider back to the beginning.

That's more than we had wounded over the ten years in Vietnam, and not that much less than we had killed and wounded... out of a population about a third of what we had back then.

Of course, this is the scuttlebutt from a "leak" about which Ukrainian bloggers are talking, so maybe not very reliable, but if it is anywhere close, I'm feeling for the young women of Ukraine.

Still, I'm rooting for the Russians. The globalist psychopaths have been using Ukraine as their ATM for too long, and the vicious skinhead Ukrainians they've been using to make sure nobody interferes with them NEED killing.

Also, I'd like to point out that a great number of the killed and wounded Ukrainians were killed and wounded by Ukrainians, NOT Russians. This supposedly heavily trained by NATO military has been taking civilians hostage and killing anyone trying to leave the civilian areas their troops occupy and, of course, just plain murdering in the hope that they can blame it on the Russians.

The barbarity of the Ukrainians in this is OUTRIGHT horrifying. Not only have the Russians been very busy trying to relieve the country of their militarized neo-Nazis and put a halt to the ethnic slaughter there, but they have also been darn busy getting food, water and medical relief to Ukrainian civilians.

Russians do not view Ukrainians as Ukrainians. They view them as Russians living in Ukraine. They DO NOT want to kill them. They want to free them from the sort of vicious bastards who set up their troops in the middle of residential areas JUST to make it look like the enemy is a war criminal.

Yeah, we have a lot of morons who will follow that propaganda, but there are still VERY MANY of us who did NOT just fall off the turnip truck and who have bothered to research this thoroughly.

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