i need a nap really badly

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A recorded message from somewhere awakened me at SEVEN O'CLOCK IN THE WEE HOURS OF THE MORNING to blather at me about whether I'm still a destitute old lady and rapping down fifteen or twenty telephone numbers to call if I'm not. I was torn between whether I might be dreaming or I was really on the phone with a fast-talking recording.

It did turn out to be the latter.

I managed to get back to sleep for another hour or so, but then I got up just in time to find a very welcome email but then the phone repair guy called to tell me he was nearly here to fix my neighbor's broken phone. "Oh, well, then I better put my pants on." He laughed and said it would be about 15 minutes.

She'd already left for her eye appointment, so I went in and caught her postage stamp chihuahua so she couldn't dart out any doors to go find Eve, and hung in Eve's easy chair while the repair man put in a brand new wall jack and strung brand new line back to where the phone service connects to her place.

Now everyone can stop worrying she's lying dead on her floor instead of just having a completely broken telephone. I feel so darn useful right now, but I'm also feeling like falling over from all the commotion.

pipe up any time....