i'm sitting in a boiling lake of tears

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I am SO sick of the vicious pinheads who listen to their tv news like good little zombies and never bother to go out after the TRUTH of matters. Putin did the RIGHT thing for his people's security. Was he supposed to sit there forever with Ukrainians slaughtering the Russian Ukrainians for EIGHT YEARS in their thousands? I don't want Ukrainians killed! Putin doesn't want them killed either. How was he going to stop the slaughter and provide the security NATO has been promising them since its inception and breaking EVERY promise, EVERY signed accord, EVERY goddam one of them so they can keep up this SICK but highly lucrative GAME where civilians, little old ladies and little old men and children and whole families of people working themselves to the bone to provide a living keep getting blown to smithereens by the skinhead-led political faction in their OWN country?

This short 22 minutes of footage will show you how it REALLY is over there, and you cannot keep up with this sickening and murderous display of solidarity with fuckers who are PURPOSELY using their OWN people as fodder for billions of dollars in profits and bribes AND bankrupting all our countries in the process.

Vladimir Putin did NOT raise the prices at the pumps on us! The filthy frauds in our governments did. PLEASE! Where are the decent people who root for the good guys to beat the forces of evil? Can you not take your over-educated brains and put them to sane use anymore? Have you been hypnotized out of your ability to SEE?

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