mind control

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Zelensky's racking up Stalin-like numbers at the behest of Britain and the United States, and seems to me that anyone who cares about the lives of the people of the region would be praying for their deliverance back into the hands of the Russia that is no longer ruined by murderous dictators. How LONG does it take to drag your asses out of the 20th century?

The vast majority of the people in the currently Russian-occupied areas want no part of THIS Ukraine. They want to be Russians again. They want a stable and strong and competent government where they can rely on their paychecks and pensions and a return to a peaceful life, LIKE THE REST OF THE RUSSIANS.

Russia is NOTHING like the Soviet Union. Moscow was awarded World's Most Livable City status by the UN recently. San Francisco has an app that geolocates piles of human crap for pedestrians, while the streets of Moscow and St. Petersburg and many other cities in Russia GET SHAMPOOED EVERY NIGHT.

Why on earth would ANYONE call the filth going on in Ukraine for the last 20 years "freedom"? And why on earth would ANYONE not wish for those people not to have it from Russia when they CANNOT get it in The West?

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