today in the fair world egg

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Globalist psychopaths looting for all they're worth. Forces of good and evil continuing to align into the polar opposites of who they were in WWII. We in the Collective West, formerly known as Allied Forces, are now the ones living Behind the Iron Curtain. It only remains for the citizens to finally grasp that this IS the case.

No. Really. When you hear any of the puppeteered world leaders invoking "freedom" as the ultimate imperative, what they really are saying is you are allowed to trade your real freedom, your real adult autonomy, for debt slavery. Meanwhile, huge swaths of the planet are, in fact, getting the chance to break from under the boot-heels of the global domination crowd.

If we cannot muster the strength to arrest and punish the corrupt actors in charge of all of our governments and institutions, we will not be able to participate in the Fair World Order before the psychopaths have wormed their way into THAT system. I do not say that to help you lose energy for such a project. I'm reminding you that this is how psychopaths operate.

They WILL bully you into abjection every time you let them, and you ARE letting them.

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