admiral janeway speaks with whitney webb

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If you want an idea of what is lurking behind your fear, your insane hope that appeasing the beast will get you through, maybe you want to listen. Lots of educated guessing here, based on extremely solid education and some not that out there guessing. You know I wouldn't link you to it were it not for our lives being at stake.

And, it helps drive home about how you just goddam MUST stop parking your money with the big boys, and stop gleefully engaging in the digital age to the extent that you lose any ability to truly mentally process what is being done to ALL of us by that means. Okay? I mean, OKAY?

I just had to break one of my hardest rules in order to be able to keep communicating with you at all, and so I'm not telling you we have to go back to covered wagons, here, but moving your money to a credit union or really solid LOCAL bank will actually be nearly painless and you will not find yourself bereft of the tools you need to do your money and your bills.

The big boys will find themselves bereft of your assets. Wouldn't that give you even just the slightest bump of good cheer? I mean, I did it a long time ago — me, Ms No Money Whatsoever, I moved my no money out of the huge bank that ate my medium bank and put it in a credit union, people who are NICE to me, who CARE about my wellbeing — and think how much better it will be if you and your no-to-lots of money do similarly!

I never buy something from a corporation I can get from either a local business or one of my fellow citizens on Etsy. Or think about the proliferation of online entrepreneurs who are OBVIOUSLY trying to get rich off our sorry asses by guaranteeing you 100% American goods. Jocko is making jeans and boots and shirts and sports and hunting attire, all out of materials that were grown or manufactured, produced, here. Not even one thread coming from another country, and it's all being made in the United States by US Citzens in an area that had been dying before he and his partner plucked it back up out of history to make it strong again. That's probably worth the top dollar you'll need to pay for their stuff.

I'm asking you to do your best with what money you have to keep it out of the hands of people who don't understand that THEY are the subhumans because you keep letting them rob us all blind. You have to stop! They won't have that power anymore ONLY when you, yes, you PUT YOUR FOOT DOWN. Almost no one is as poor as I am, so I know for sure you can do a better job.

And, whether or not you want to put yourself through more than an hour of this podcast, at least you can go to Whitney's show notes and take a look at the links there.

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