al qaeda

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Holy shit. I've missed a trick against my sleep circus. Just let James start narrating about terrorists and boom. I drop like a stone.

And, let me tell you, that weird vertiginous feeling I've been getting almost every time I lie down since they blew up my guts late last year — where either immediately or a few minutes later or even sometimes when I've been lying down and try to turn over — can be MUCH worse if I leap up too fast from bed.

We're thinking it might be my blood pressure doing this, but, well, I get it about standing up too swiftly, but the going down part was never happening before, and the standing up too fast thing was only ever rare and extremely fleeting.

I'd dropped like a stone and then leapt up like a ballerina who'd forgotten she was drunk. I lurched. Took me minutes to come to the party in my head. I gotta learn to watch that leaping up stuff, for realz. That's dangerous as heck.

pipe up any time....