i've been skipping alex videos the last few days

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Because he's mostly in a holding pattern while waiting for something to actually happen, covering all the "soft power" media hype, just noodling around and taking up longer on that account. I love him. I love his videos. But I think you don't need to listen to all that when it's not giving you the crucial bits.

It's all Putin's fault.

He's being too cagey for us Western shock and awe addicts.

But this bit with Alex and Alexander explains the current situation plenty well enough... only leaving out the part about Brandon BEGGING Maduro for Venezuelan oil... heh, hey, we'll drop all our sanctions AND give you back ALL your money back that we stole. Pretty please?

So. The one thing I think the boys missed is that Putin is luxuriating in an extremely strong activity lull in order to let his enemies go stark raving mad in the crocodile pit they jumped into of their own accord. Every day he waits, the more psychopath limbs are missing.

pipe up any time....