he did NOT do it

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He was a patriot, and you have to call him guilty to pass tests in school.

I tellz yiz, make sure your kid can read and write and do basic math and then just expose the blighter to all the books and learning materials you can get under its nose after that. Maybe turn libraries into massive kids' areas. Just librians and security and janitorial staff for huge buildings full of every kind of book and huge playgrounds for every kind of sport and a block of artists' and musicians' spaces. NOT SCHOOL. NO TEACHERS. Places where they have to go when their parents don't need or want them home, until they are eighteen, and they can find every kind of material they might possibly want to know about.

Maybe offer early outs for jobs or trade schools at sixteen.

Safe and heavily engaged childhoods.

Then demand parents councils be in charge of ALL universities and any state or federal funding comes with NO strings attached. All professors must actually profess their highly accredited areas of expertise ONLY. NO politics. Ever.

THEN our kids stand a chance of growing up to make sense prevail.

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