i'm still rooting for the cubans

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Also all of the Bolivarian-leaning states. I did end up having to abandon the notion of socialism being the answer for any society that has been struggling under the boot heel of imperialism for so long — it DOES help the most people in the short run, maybe I should stress CAN — because, long run, EVERY nation must have a leader whose foremost concern is the wellbeing of his people.

At all costs, that is what every human population must have, no matter what monetary system it has or what form of government it has. The ONLY way for humans to survive far into the future is when ALL of our presidents and prime ministers and dictators and monarchs and politburos care for the welfare of their people over absolutely every other consideration... not excluding control, especially not excluding that.

While I have always thought that benevolent monarchy is THE best system, there really isn't much hope of it lasting, now is there? Gawd, no. It's the same with benevolent socialist leaders. They, too, are mortal. I know many people place faith in AI to be able to handle our needs, keep track of the economic health and imperatives to optimize government performance even when a human leader may not be able to perform up to snuff, but they are SERIOUSLY risking their autonomy and status as a living being when they place their faith in that.

I hate vampire capitalism as much as, probably more than, the next guy, but capitalism, even when run by vampires, is the only monetary system through which leaders with the right priorities stand a chance to overthrow the evil influences before the total breakdown of ANY society. Especially OURS, where we were blessed with some rock stars as founding fathers, and have that practically perfect grounding in the Declaration of Independence and our constitution.

Ours is SO corrupt right now, you are safest to begin trusting your very life to the ones the narrative, the media, work the hardest to deride. Those are the ones the corrupt hate and fear the most. Putin and Castro and Kennedy may have been the greatest world leaders of my lifetime. I know, I know, I know, at least half of the people reading this will have their dominant knee shattering their own teeth right now over that last sentence, but I've spent too much time digging as deeply as I am able to overcome the narratives about those men to SEE it.

Scoff away.

I know you won't take my word for it, but this is as plain as I can make it.

Whatever system you have, if good people cannot gather the wherewithal to rise to power, the people are doomed to immiseration and slavery until some sort of cataclysm of corruption, or of natural disaster, wipes every drop of progress and innovation and spiritual teaching and masterpiece of founding document completely from the grasp of the cavemen who might survive it.

When, the whole time, we might've avoided, become ABLE to avoid, all that if we'd just worked harder to KNOW who was really who, and make CERTAIN we only stood for the ones whose top priority was the welfare of their people, of all people.

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