protests in china

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They are demanding Xi step down and CCP back off. This Zero Covid bullshit is harming people in major ways. I know I brought this up a couple years ago at least, but, back in the day, when I was working so hard to become a Doctor of Out There, I made it my business to listen to all those bliss ninnies and their weird theories AND the serious conspiracy nuts, to just about everything alternative, to see what they were on about and just how far out there Out There really is.

There were a couple of charlatans running something called Project Camelot, who were entertaining/aggravating and dirt SERIOUS in their presentations of many things Out There. About the time they were parting ways, Bill Ryan branched off into something he called Project Avalon, and I was under the impression that he wanted to concentrate on the more serious stuff, his partner always fucking that up for him.

So very early in this adventure, still silly as heck about a lot, he popped up with stuff they'd decided to call The Anglo-Saxon Mission, and did a video about it... we're talking twelve years ago now... that stuck in my mind because he used the line, "China will catch a cold." The Globalist Psychopaths, or a faction of them, were plotting how to give their project a good shove, world domination obviously going to be impeded by China's booming population and economy, not to mention millennia of history. So there was supposedly a plan to develop a virus that killed Chinese people.

And that would lead to more capping blows, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera.

I'm going to get in bed now and listen to it one more time.

I mean, Bill was given to taking balderdash dead seriously, but he was much less annoying than his partner and I was wanting to see if it got much better when he struck out on his own. A little. Not much. And I figured this was balderdash, too, but maybe he really was talking with someone who had accidentally been invited to a meeting where psychopaths talked about this sort of thing. Who knows? I need to keep my Out There skills somewhat honed, so I can communicate with people better, so this could now turn out to have a real thread of lucidity running through the general silliness of it. So maybe I'll just start re-listening now.

pipe up any time....