closest i ever get to the full tv experience — link replaced

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[Original video link was taken down, and the new link I replaced it with is only four minutes shorter. You do want to pay attention at least to the JFK release part, but the whole show would pin anyone's ears back, and we ARE talkin' NETWORK tv, so you should be interested. Bobby Junior even came out and proclaimed it "the most courageous newscast in 60 years."]


Is a very occasional Tucker experience. He's widely held to be about the best you can find on that medium and we can depend on him not lying or applying really fucked up spin, and wanted to get the skinny on the JFK docs release. So I damn did it.

I watched the whole thing... mouth somewhat agape.

If they are winding up for a limited hangout on the CIA docs — where they play the innocent investigators who did not manage to stop LHO in time — well, we better start looking for a nice peaceful rest home for me.

It has been PROVEN that LHO didn't kill ANYONE and he was indeed the patsy. They went to great lengths to set him up and lock him in tighter than anyone could ever elude. So, unless, barely conceivably, they faked his death at Jack Ruby's hand, Lee Harvey Oswald was not only not guilty, but ALSO the kind of good-guy we're dying without now.

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