do NOT fuck with me

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I have had it up to HERE with slobbering idiots AND utterly clueless "philosophers". Maybe the internet should never be allowed to pump us full of shit — that's the TV's job — but maybe also people need both to be 21 and older, AND pass some intellectual competency tests before we are allowed full posting rights.

I mean, on top of putting all the traitor big tech fucks in prison. It's not this exasperating and demoralizing ONLY because of them. Hugely, yes, but don't forget the feds have been dumbing dummies for many decades and too many of those people are INCOMPETENT.

I had myself a terrible night last night, got up at 1:23pm, ready to deck someone, so... well... I'm serious, but I won't smack you for ignoring me yet.

pipe up any time....