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If there is a single person on earth who still believes this crap was EVER not an intelligence psyop. I mean, I know I've brought it up many times over the years, just to say what I'm saying now, but it is SO tired, outright antique, by third millennium standards that you can just smell the stink of desperation waffling off it.

In this case, it is PARTICULARLY glaring because they bring up the name Milosevic to be CERTAIN all your bells will be ringing. I owe that benighted dead man, and the cosmos itself, my life for being the instrument of my permanent awakening to the FACT that almost anyone villainized by the weaponized media so heavily is almost automatically in reality near saintly.

I mean, so close to always that we only have to keep the "almosts" because there have been actual villains in the past who still do their time as the keepers of the public delusion, but, truly, if you really must stay lazy, just hear who it is they're villainizing and realize he or she is really a good person... in the way of ruling the planet. Truly. You can thank me later.

So, this really is hard evidence that these twats who keep making STUPID videos in STUPID masks from a long ago too popular movie nobody thinks about anymore are a fantaCIA fishing for rubes and planting dysinformation, ALWAYS with their ludicrous sign off, the ONLY part of their shtick upon which you can rely. Yes, yes, I really DO expect them. I expect them to keep trolling for rubes whether we like it or not.

Q was only good against a president, and now they are back down to having to rely on the stupid mask bit to try to get us to divert our attention somewhere it can't get in their way.

I have been hollering about psychopaths' bottomless energy for getting what they want for so many decades, I think maybe I should feel vindicated that they're having to fall back on something this lame now.

So, without even looking, or knowing anything about him, I'm telling you Vucic is a saintly type in the way of psychopaths... if you want to check my math, you go right on ahead and do it, but at least have the decency to spend the untold hours it takes to dig up the real information from the real sources who know and don't you dare cite a weaponized media source. I will go screaming naked off a cliff if you dare come at me with that shit.

pipe up any time....